Investment Strategy

Caravel employs an active long-term approach to investing in the publicly traded equities of beyond–BRIC Emerging and Frontier markets. Caravel's universe represents approximately 42% of the world's population and 15% of global GDP. Superior growth in Caravel’s markets is being driven by economic and political reforms, a growing middle class with increasing disposable income and a young population base.  

The Caravel mission is to deliver superior investment performance by building a concentrated, high conviction portfolio, taking a long-term investment view and maintaining a rigorous fundamental analysis framework that combines top-down and bottom-up analysis. Caravel focuses on business fundamentals, valuation and earnings growth. Through portfolio construction and diversification of investments across countries, currencies, and industries, Caravel seeks to provide the optimal risk-adjusted return for investors.

  • Experienced investment team with decades spent investing, living and working in Emerging and Frontier markets
  • Top-down approach combined with in-depth, bottom-up fundamental analysis
  • Unique country universe - limited overlap with traditional Emerging Markets indices
  • Diversification of investments across countries, currencies and industries